Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Vermont

After stuffing ourselves at Nana and Grampa's house on Thanksgiving, I traveled up to Vermont with the kids to see Gramma and Shener......Rob stayed home to work on projects (without 2 little kids bugging him) and came up on Sunday to eat turkey dinner #2....after eating turkey leftovers for 2 days from turkey dinner #1......yes...we are blessed with lots of family....and lots of Thanksgivings. So, every year we have the tradition of putting lights on the pine tree in the back of my mom's house and taking a family picture......the tree was itty bitty when we started this it takes ladders and throwing, I mean tossing...lights as high as we can. We brought the kids to their first hockey game......Castleton vs. ? They loved sitting right up to the glass....until a few players were smashed right in front of them....the picture below is of Caroline holding Cooper's hand while they watched.....every time the players would get near they would race back to us....they had a blast!

Cooper was allowed to help with the dishes this year.

We headed downtown for the tree lighting and hot chocolate. We waited in line for the hayride, but then it started picking up people in a different line.....and then we went to go see Santa....but the line was very long.....we caught up with Santa at the mall the next night.

Caroline is wearing a vintage hat from Shener's mom.....

So now the eating has slowed down....back to normal eating. Let the decorating begin!!!

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