Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So it has been one of those weeks when things just go wrong...nothing serious...just minor things that add up to be frustrating and me yelling...."nothing is easy anymore!"

Caroline and I set up the Christmas village on Monday...thought I could check that off my list...until I found another box with 3 more I spent the morning trying to rearrange everything.

I had 3 strands of garland for the top of the kitchen cabinets.....only to have 1 strand not light instead of running out to the store I spent over an hour looking for the one broken light.

And, I have been trying to sew curtains for our two new french door, the typical 84" length that all the stores carry is about 15 inches too short.....but I made a rooky mistake on the first hem and spent over 2 hours ripping out stitches! Aahhh!

The good news is I am slowly checking things off "the to do list" but for some reason I keep adding onto, taking the dog to the vet, picking out stains for the island top, and picking up one sick child from preschool.

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