Tuesday, November 24, 2009

in my glory


finally…a great book! unfortunately when i find a book i love i tend to ignore my kids and stay up all hours of the night because i can’t put it down….and after months on the library waiting list (i am not a patient person, but too cheap to buy a hard cover book at full price)…i am in my glory!



and the boxes are down from the attic! yes, i am in my glory…decorating for the holidays!! I have started with the garlands…i put greenery everywhere…down the staircase, above the kitchen cabinets, mantle, hutch and bookcases….i can’t get enough of garland with little white lights. Tomorrow Caroline and i will take out the village.


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Rusty said...

I am exactly the same with a book, when I find one that I like it will not get put down until I have finished. Even when I am at work I will read it up until as soon as I start, Pick it up during my lunch break and then read it as soon as I get home! I love books!