Tuesday, February 15, 2011

one of THOSE days!!

did you ever have a day that didn’t go as planned…

almost every day right??

well, yesterday was not cooperating with me….

i had a list a mile long of things to get done…zero time to spare!

i got the kids off to school with treats and Valentine’s in hand.


i was planning a couple surprises for our Family Valentine Dinner.


i had a table to decorate….no time for a wasted trip to the dentist!    ( the dentist is 2 towns over, about a 30 minute drive..ughh…i found out i can’t get my teeth whitened until i check with my orthodontist..ughh)


i had a cake to make…..no time for the roof to leak!!! (MAJOR leak in our upstairs sun room…temps hit over 40 degrees…a heat wave! but all the melted ice was running through the ceiling…all i could do until Rob got home was sop up the mess and empty the buckets of water. Rob spent 2 hours after work chipping away the ice in the rain and high winds!)


i had a special dinner to prepare……not an unexpected trip to the doctors, and then a trip to the pharmacy! (Caroline has been fighting a cold for weeks…and now has a double ear infection…which apparently doesn’t seem to bother her! And the doctor’s office is 2 towns over, 30 minutes away..ughh)


I don’t know how it happened but things got done,  at 6:00 we sat down, lit the candles, dimmed the lights and toasted to a “Happy Valentine’s Day”

Bella slept through it all….perked her head up when cooper taped up a few Valentines and a balloon of course!



jen said...

My day was kind of the same. Crisis to crisis, but still happy, right? Maybe not the leaking roof, though.

Kerri said...

Our day didn't go as planned either...no Valentine dinner for us. I guess there's always next year!
Your cake is so cute!
I love that green in your diningroom!

Kim said...

Oh no! You are definitely in the running for mother of the year getting all of that done among those crises. Those doggie valentine bones are the cutest! If there's any cake left, I'll be right over. That looks GOOOODDDD.

Jen said...

Seems like the days that you have much to do....turn out that way more than others.
Love your decorations and fabulous cake!!!

Nicolle said...

I love your cake and decorations.

My saturday was like that, a list of things to do, half of them got done, nothing I had planned. I didn't handle it as well as you! :)

thanks for your sweet comment on feeding the hungry. I LOVE that you and the kids have done the food pantry, and how you said they love helping others. LOVE IT!

sloan said...

oh jess, that's terrible - but it always seems the way, doesn't it?! It seems like I only get the sick calls from school when my to-do list couldn't be any more full ... looks like you recovered amazingly well, though - your gorgeous valentine's cake looks delicious (and must have made a nice treat for your poor hubby after the ice drama!)

Jenny said...

Oh you poor thing. Valentine's was kind of a bust for me too. Oh well, maybe next year. Your decorations and cake are so awesome. Love the heart on top of the cake, simple and cute.

Kati said...

That cake looks SO SO good!!!! Cute pics!!

The Lattimore Acre said...

Wow... Mums do work hard to get the day organised. Luckily it all came together for what looked like a lovely dinner. The cake is fabulous!! We don't really celebrate Valentines Day in Australia but .... I am thinking it is to lovely to let fly by. You have inspired me to do something special next year. Thanks

Nicolle said...

Hi Jess, no I haven't started that book yet. I almost did the other day, but I'm going on vacation next week, so I'm taking it with me to read then! :) That is funny that you are the lemon cookie lady!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am your newest follower! Sorry your day didnt go as planned, but it still looked like a nice Vday. Your cake looks yummy!