Monday, February 7, 2011

father-daughter dance

a tradition

every year Caroline takes hubby to the Father-Daughter Dance

2010   2009


she loves it all!!! the dress, the nails painted, the hair in curlers, new tie for daddy and the flowers of course!


we have a few families over for pizza and pictures


my first official picture of me without my braces…i have been avoiding the camera for 2 years! Cooper took this one of us…notice he captured the Lego house he built! I’m surprised he even got us in the picture!dance3

at one point during the party i noticed a mom waving into the bathroom….when i peeked in….i found cooper…..he NEVER even thought to close the door!


it was a great night…..except for the ice storm.


a wonderful group of girls who are growing up right before our eyes!


After tucking in a tired little girl…Rob filled me in on all the details of the night….his heart was happy and full.



Kerri said...

Oh how this makes me want a little girl!! Caroline looks so happy! Your pictures are really good. BTW, your teeth look beautiful!!

Kim said...

She is just beautiful...and BEAMING! How incredibly special. WHERE do these daddy/daughter dances take place? You're the 3rd person who's mentioned one. I know BSD would be ALL OVER a chance to do this with the ballerinas.

Jen said...

She looks soooo excited.How sweet is that. And I love the potty shot too.

Shannon said...

How adorable and what wonderful memories she and daddy will have together!

sloan said...

oh my goodness, SO CUTE!!! Believe me, it just keeps getting better and better, too - at least so far I can say that ;-)

and ps - GREAT photo of you and Caroline!!

Jennifer said...

Very glad to see a picture of you, Jess! Caroline looks so happy and that shot of Cooper is priceless (and I'm sure would happen in our household!).

Angie said...

LOVE this!! My daughter got to go to her very first Father/Daughter dance Friday night! It was such a special evening for them both!!!

Jenny said...

So adorable! My daughter and hubby have gone to one before too, they love it. Just think of the memories they'll have when they are older! Way to go showing us your smile. So pretty. Happy for you. That potty pic is a keeper for sure. Save a copy for his high school graduation party, he'll probably try to destroy them before then!

gabe said...

boys will be boys right:) I will promise you though at some point they do develop the need for privacy and start to close the door! It just takes a lot longer than with girls!

Caroline looks so pretty. .. and happy!

Cindy said...

What a special, special day!!
We have never heard of a father daughter dance in our area...bummer, because I can think of a few that would love one!
Caroline has such a beautiful smile!
Have a happy day

Pam said...

Both you and your daughter look beautiful! Looks like fun!!

Lorri said...

That is the sweetest thing! Love the last picture!