Monday, February 8, 2010

Father Daughter Dance


one excited little girl

to go on a date with her daddy.


traditions are important…a wrist corsage of miniature roses.


too bad i didn’t get the flowers in focus too….but i couldn’t stop focusing on her beautiful face!

IMG_3151  dance1 dance3

a few friends over for pizza before the dance


lots and lots of pictures!

 dance8 IMG_3097IMG_3096IMG_3099IMG_3104IMG_3100

the girls….


not sure about the weird shadows in this photo but i still like it! so much to learn with the new camera!


cooper even dressed up for the occasion….his Christmas tie of course.


and for Cooper…it was all about the pizza! a simple boy!


they are quite a pair. 


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Steph said...

She is just beautiful Jess! Her dress is so pretty and her headband is adorable! You can tell how excited she was! How sweet! Cooper is a doll as always! I bet she had a very fun and memorable night! I love your kitchen.