Thursday, February 11, 2010

non snow day

yesterday the kids had a snow day

but there was no snow.

the 6 to12 inches they said we were going to get

was a no show.

it flurried all day, but only an inch covered the ground

how disappointing!

so we spent the day with friends, a walk to town, new books at the library, and treats at the coffee shop….and of course, invited ourselves over for a playdate!

can’t complain….the kids played outside with the sand bucket….the sand that we use to spread over the snow and ice….but since we have no need for it and the kids were getting along…i figured it was ok.

and then there are the forts…..where they take every blanket and pillow in the house and trash the living room make a secret fort….but I'm learning to be ok with this….because its hours of entertainment and they are getting along!


notice they made sure to add TV seating….curious george is their favorite!


so, we survived yet another non snow day……is winter over yet?!

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