Monday, February 22, 2010

New York City


after a weekend trip to Boston with the kids, 3 play dates, skating, bowling….endless kiddo time…..Rob and I were off to New York City for a night away! After vacation break with the kids i really needed this vacation with the hubby!

Friday morning we took the train in to explore this amazing city!

IMG_3627 IMG_3606 ny1 ny

we walked and walked

i took pictures

stopped when we were hungry

hailed a cab when our feet had enough

no agenda + no kids = a great day in the city!


the stores! the galleries!

ny5ny6IMG_3652 IMG_3648

our Christmas gift from Rob’s brother and sister….a room at the W in Times Square.


and tickets to a show!!


this was the sunset view from our room.


a few pints with new friends! of course we had to make friends with a brewer from Ireland….Rob’s new favorite stout…O’Hara!




Anonymous said...

Wow Jess, you have a great eye! Beautiful shots!! It looks like you had a great time. I'm so happy for you!

Steph said...

Beautiful! How great for the two of you to get away! That must have been awesome! What a great Christmas gift. Your pictures are beautiful! I've been there once and that city is just incredible! I loved it and I loved revisiting it in your photos. I'm glad you guys had a great time and a much deserved break.