Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frog Pond Skating

last of our pictures from our Boston trip

Sunday we took the kids to The Common

for ice skating at the Frog Pond.

we won’t let them go in the pond in the summer because the splash pond has a green tint to it…so they were excited to know the ice was ok!


i tried to get a picture of the state house in the background while Caroline was skating.

s3 s4

i love how Cooper adores his big sister….he calls her his “little momma.”

s5 s6 s9

cooper was soaking up the warm sun.

sa sb sd 

can’t get out of the park without a stop at the playground….even in winter. do kids naturally enjoy scaring the bageebees out of their mother….”I'm flying!”

sf sg sw


Lynn said...


This is Aunt Ginny. I am just learning the computer and Linda put your website on my favorites so I can see what is going with you guys. I am just learning but what fun. Love you all!

Aunt Ginny

Steph said...

I love the picture with the state house in the background. Amazing! The kids are so cute and that looks like a blast! I love the playground pictures. I think our kids would get along great! Little daredevils! lol