Monday, February 15, 2010

Boston Children’s Museum

our first place to visit….the children’s museum!

we love this place! we probably picked the busiest day being the Saturday of Feb. vacation but that didn’t stop us from spending almost 5 hours there….what fun!

i am going to warn you…..there are lots of pictures in this post!

mi the climbing structure is amazing… was the first thing they went to, the last thing they went on and many times in between.


a note on the wall says its better when its crowded because it teaches kids how to negotiate….there were a gazillion kids in there! Rob was contemplating how to build one of course. Over 3 stories high the climbing exhibit was amazing! (i said that already!) Cooper is always tentative going in at first but Caroline takes care of him the whole time making sure he doesn’t get scared….i love that!


cooper’s favorite is the bobcat.


Caroline took part in a research project for the Children’s hospital…brain research!!!  she was just happy to work on the laptop and get a sticker!

m1 m3 

curious george exhibit was great! they actually had a camera set up so that you could snap this picture and then email it!

m5 m6  

i had to get a picture with george….i pulled the kids in so that i wouldn’t look like a dork!


the block conveyer belt was a hit too!

  mb IMG_3346

oh my goodness….2 pictures of me in one post! this is about 4 hours into the visit….getting a little crazy! i love how cooper is just a blur.




bonus! meeting George!! very exciting!!!

me mf

so much to do….if we let them i think the kids would of gone through again!

mg mhthere was a whole Arthur exhibit…i took 2 dozen pictures of but this was the cutest…its actually a picture of the TV that showed them on the show with the characters…dancing to the Arthur song.   


they have a number of shows planned for the day….can you tell they couldn’t wait…no peeking!


Cooper was picked to participate….i don’t think he knew what he was getting in to when he was raising his hand but he went up on stage.


threw the dice like the man with the crazy pants told him to….and then ran off stage! he was done!


making big bubbles!!

mp mq mr

more pictures tomorrow!


Steph said...

That looks like so much fun! What a great place to hang out! You are so pretty, we need to see more of you! :)

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