Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day Survival Plan

i needed a plan.

the “blockbuster” storm was upon us

we got the call last night that there was no school.

the half day yesterday left us screaming at each other, tantrums and kiddos sent to their room… was ugly, i was exhausted and totally dreading another snow day.

So i sat the kids down and we came up with a plan! We jotted down a few ideas that would keep us busy all day…..when we needed a new activity we just went to this cup and picked!


Ready! Set! Snow Day!!!

after breakfast and a  good dose of cartoons we headed into the kitchen to make a mess! 


not really sure it was going to come out right….


with 10X the amount of flour the recipe called for they played for over an hour…..and i got to enjoy a second cup of coffee…a win win!


clean up

outside for 2 hours…shoveling and sliding

inside for lunch and hot chocolate

needing some down time at this point…. they built a fort in the living room and watched a movie….another cup of coffee for me.


while i was getting dinner ready they got to work painting….a snowy picture of course!


we ended the day with books….always special when we get to snuggle in my bed!


our plan kept us focused…or at least kept me one step ahead of the them. I can’t say we made it through the day without any fights, or that i wasn’t exhausted…but it was a good day. And i realized that i would rather shovel 12 inches of light fluffy snow than 4 inches of sleet snow.

how did you survive the day?


sloan said...

jess - making those cards was a fabulous idea, i'm gonna have to remember that one!!! although i was dreading today, it actually ended up going pretty well - we made valentine jars for one another in the morning (i'll try to post to explain), made snowcones out of the icy snow, made our usual snow day popovers (can't believe they're not sick of them yet!) - and, like you, we did a "movie with popcorn" (no fort, though!) ... and somehow, we did all of this free of fights - amazing!

Pam said...

LOVE those cards! what a fun day and a fun mom!! great ideas jess!!

Cindy said...

I think those cards were a fantastic idea!!
Hopefully I won't be needing it again this year!!:)
Enjoy the night
The girls love reading in our bed funny!

Kim said...

You rock! I love those cards. What a fun idea! I also love the way you photographed the card against the activity.

umm...I'm afraid to tell you, but we had SEVENTY TWO degrees here today. It'll be back down to 40 tomorrow so don't hate me. ;)

Kerri said...

What a great idea to have a plan! Your kiddos look like they never fight...they always look so happy together in your pictures!
I survived the snow/ice day by risking our life and driving to pick up a friend of my sons for the day...I just couldn't take it anymore!! :)

gabe said...

I felt your pain yesterday, you and Sloan are my heros right now. I can only handle one snow day at a time:)

Like you I had a plan, ideas in my mind to keep them busy. The only problem came between the boys and the silly xbox. But after the threat of no more, they came up with their own solution! using a timer

Lorri said...

That was a great idea! We had 5 long snow days last month. I wish I thought of this.