Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i’m ignoring you

so sorry

but i’m ignoring the kiddos and hubby as well.

thats what happens when i start reading a book, i can’t put it down until i finish. I’m 700 pages in and i have circles under my eyes from staying up late.


and then there is that little project we started….i was never a fan of painting ceilings….and now I’m really not a fan of painting paneled ceilings!  I have a 2 hour window each afternoon when both kiddos are at school…and this is where i have been.

hubby and the paint guy thought it would be funny to NOT tell me that the paint was tinted pink…and dries white…haha.


I did put the book down over the weekend….basketball award ceremony! Caroline’s 3rd year playing!


and Cooper’s 1st!!!



and on Saturday we headed to an indoor water park for the day….i have a love-hate relationship with places like this…..

i love that we were able to shed our 5 layers of clothing for the day, i am not a fan of crowded places.


i love that there were smiles like this ALL day, i am not a fan of 10 year old boys who cut every line!

IMG_8366  I love that we spent 8 hours having non stop fun, i am not a fan of public bathrooms with slimy floors.

cocokey I love waterslides, i am not a fan of waterslides….let me explain….i had to talk caroline into going on the big waterslide thinking this could go either way….she wanted to go first, and i was next in line. She went without hesitation. I went down thinking this would be a piece of cake..

i was wrong.

i found myself PLUMMITTING down at an alarming speed!!! I was zigging and zagging WAY too fast!!! And my first thought was “oh my goodness, Caroline must of been so scared!!!” “what if she fell off her tube!” “she is never going on a waterslide again” “if she is crying is there someone at the bottom to help her!” As fast as i was going i couldn’t get down fast enough…and to my surprise….

she was at the bottom  cracking up!!! she LOVED it!!! and wanted to go again….

so i did too…can’t be bad the second time right??…i know what to expect.

i was wrong….i went faster.


jen said...

This is enough of a reason for me to NOT start that book. Thanks for the warning.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Please join me for our What We're Reading Linky Party the twentieth of every month!!!

Jenny said...

Yahoo! Way to go down that slide! The things we do for our kids, so alarming sometimes. I agree, two hours is not nearly enough time to get everything done.

sloan said...

jess, that water park looks just like Coco Key?? Coco Key is our "local" indoor water fun place and I know JUST what you mean about the crowds and the cutting, and the slimy floors - it can be rough!! But like you and Caroline found out, those slides sure are fun ;-)

hope you've been enjoyed a nice "warm" weekend like we did ;-)

sloan said...

PS - wasn't that book an oprah pick recently? and what a weekend for sports - us, too, and it seems like so many other posts too about sports-filled weekends!!

Pam said...

I keep looking at that book thinking I want to read it..hmmm? Not sure yet. And I'm with you on the water parks..ick but fun!

Kerri said...

A water park sounds fun this time of year! We have a couple of outdoor ones...but not an indoor one in our area. The bathroom floors creep me out too...I always insist my son wear flip flops in there...yuk!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Hi Jess, I love everything you have been up to this winter!! I am the same way about books so now I try to read them on vacation~so the lack of sleep is not as big of a deal! THe water park sounds fun~amazing how brave our little ones are! hugs, Cathy