Wednesday, March 30, 2011

dining room make over

so…shall we start at the beginning! I took this picture during a walk through….when we decided to move we went from neighborhood to neighborhood with our realtor….we knew we wanted an old house, walking distance to a downtown area.  We immediately fell in love with one street, which was actually in the same neighborhood as our realtor. Knowing that the owners of this house tried to sell a couple years ago…she decided to ask them if they were still interested in selling…yes!! there were!!! for the right price of course!!!
they used this room as their den or TV room, not in the picture off to the right was a HUGE big screen…and the floors were painted red, walls yellow,weird border and green velvet curtains!
the ceiling had some water damage….this should of been a warning for us……
oh my goodness!!! look at the colors!!! so the first thing we did was re-finish the floors…what a difference!!! the door on the left goes to the front foyer and the door on the right goes to the living room…and yes the living room was half painted pink and half wallpapered.
and then we painted….EVERYTHING!!!  we had our whole family helping us paint before the movers came with our stuff….i think when it was time to paint the dining room, my father and father-in-law were ready to paint one morning but i didn’t have a color yet….so i took the left over sage green from Caroline’s room and they went to work!!!  We had the chandelier moved and voila…this room became our dining room….and the dining room became the playroom…are ya following???
my inspiration…our white wedding dishes, an embroidered runner, and blue antique dishes.
oh…i heart blue!
dishes dishes1

it took forever to trim…2 windows, 4 doorways and a paneled ceiling! and of course along the way there were lots of repairs…to the trim and the ceiling…lots of character in this old house…lots of character!
please excuse the horrible pictures…i haven’t a clue how to take indoor pictures with out a flash that washes everything out.
After: IMG_0394
we went with navy walls and white trim. still need to find a rug.IMG_0405  
still have to paint the door below…that one goes to one of the porches.
we still have yet to put up the last of the pictures…a mirror will go up above the table here….when we have holiday dinners the side table is set up too.
the Hancock furniture was handed down to us from hubby’s family….
still a work in progress….but good enough for now!!! right after i took these pictures i started filling up the dining room table with stuff for our vacation to the beach!! I don’t know why the dining room table becomes “packing central” but in the next couple of weeks, when ever i get a spare 5 minutes I’ll keep adding more stuff to the table…piles of clothes, towels, travel snacks, beach stuff…you know…we bring it all!!!


Jen said...

Love the transformation. Dont you wonder what people were thinking when they put those borders up at the ceiling. Hmmmm. I love the blue dishes and the furniture... especially since it was given down from family!
Enjoy the new room and teh vacation!

Leslie said...

Very beautiful. I love the navy.

sloan said...

Hi Jess - long time no talk, huh?! I'm back from my freak out, taking it slow - but back ;-)
Can't even tell you how much I LOVE the navy on your DR walls and your tablesettings?! Between the dishes and the tablerunner ... gorgeous!! love love love!! What an amazing transformation - wow!