Monday, October 12, 2009

all in a day

on Saturday we packed up the car and headed out for the day.

First stop was the local museum…i scored free tickets to the frog exhibit….of course i didn’t get any pictures of all the neat frogs….just pics of the kids climbing all over the dinosaurs.


after over 2 hours at the museum we headed to our next stop….Whitney’s Farm Stand….pony rides, hay rides, playground, petting zoo, bouncy slide…and pumpkins!

DSCN1467   DSCN1470DSCN1469DSCN1477   DSCN1476

Back in the car…we headed to Grampa and Nonna’s house to get warm and have a few snacks!

and for our last stop of the day…Mt. Greylock, the highest peak in Massachusetts.  The kids loved being up so high and taking in the view…but it was cold! The kids and Rob climbed the tower and i found the hot chocolate in the lodge.

DSCN1481  DSCN1482DSCN1483


Sarah said...

Love the slide pic...doesn't look like he's too sure about the landing!

Steph said...

What great pictures! It looks like a fun filled day was had by all! :) Caroline looks like she is loving that pony ride! Cooper is adorable on the slide!