Thursday, October 8, 2009

if there is a pile of leaves…my kids can’t resist!

jumping! diving!

fall2009 carolinefall2009 

last weekend was a busy one, but i only captured a little bit, because after i downloaded these pictures…i left the memory card in the computer…aghhh!  I felt kind of lost without a camera in my hand capturing EVERY moment…..but also nice….not having a camera in my hand capturing EVERY moment!

our weekend started out with a cousin’s birthday party at the horse barn.


the kids were in heaven….in awe of the beautiful horses, and pride while riding them…..i loved the permanent smiles on their faces.

horse5 horse horse1

in the car on the way home i hear, “mom, i want one.”

me, “what?” i walked right into this one

Caroline, “i want a horse.”


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Steph said...

I LOVE the pictures in the leaves. Adorable! It looks like your weather is perfect and crisp! The pony party looks like fun! I bet the kids loved it! They look so happy! Caroline and Hadleigh would get along so well! lol The horses you captured are beautiful! It looks like you guys are having a good fall.