Friday, October 30, 2009

one week in one post

i really don’t have any excuse for not posting all week

just up to the usual….cleaning, cooking, baking, yelling at the kids


last night we carved pumpkins…first we have the kids draw what they want the pumpkin face to look like.DSCN1694


Caroline’s DSCN1699

both kids were completely grossed out…..Cooper actually running away when rob started scrapping out the inside…Caroline scooped out the seeds….very carefully.

DSCN1707 DSCN1695DSCN1709

we went on a leaf walk and waxed our favorites…i got this great idea from Clover Lane.  for lack of a better picture this looks really festive in the kitchen, something i can keep up until Thanksgiving. DSCN1680

Bella is not so happy with me….she got groomed and shivered all day…until she found the warm laundry i folded.


and here is a picture for you Nana….cooper LOVES his new socks….loved them so much he didn’t want to put pants on!


down to the wire on costumes…..something borrowed, something old….to be continued!


Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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Steph said...

The jack-o-lanterns turned out so cute! We do the drawing thing too. lol My kids are finally not grossed out when gutting the pumpkins. lol It's so funny when they are little and hate it.

The wax leaves turned out so well and are beautiful! I love her blog! You did a great job!

I'm loving Cooper's socks too! How adorable are they?