Thursday, December 2, 2010

in search of the perfect tree!!!!!!

every year we drag the kids out to the tree farm in search for the perfect tree….one year we did this in the snow with 2 itty bittys……one year Cooper would not walk and had to be carried the whole time…..oh the memories!! but its tradition and we are sticking to it!!!

this year we had the best time and the kiddos were so excited!!! not too cold, no snow on the trees….and lots of trees to pick from.


too tall…..but the view is great!!!


too fluffy


too small


finding the perfect tree is exhausting!!!


we found it!!!


can we help daddy????!!!!!!


Cooper was so excited he fell and hurt his head!!! he is ok!!!


2 minutes later we are feeling great…..we found the perfect tree!!!

tree5 treebw   

 2009 and 2008 tree finding fun!!!

and i have to add a few more words to my Wordless Wednesday post….i must admit…not having any words is VERY hard for me!!!

2 more weeks till the kiddos are in the Albany Ballet’s Nutcracker….they are super excited!! Cooper is a reindeer and Caroline a mini-mouse.


Megan said...

Hey Jess, thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! I am so excited to get our tree - we get a real one too, but going to a tree farm {versus Lowe's} looks like an amazing experience!

Nicolle said...

That is a beautiful view! We just don't have the tree farms here. I guess Texas is not the place to grow those gorgeous trees.

I think that is such a wonderful tradition. I can tell that your kids LOVED every second of it. Except for Cooper's booboo! Love your pictures.

sloan said...

geez, now that's what I call a view!! I must be a total city girl b/c in my whole life we have never once cut our own tree (at least I can use being a native Florida girl as an excuse for part of that!) ... looks like so much fun, what's wrong with me?!

Jenny said...

yay! We have never had luck cutting down our own tree, they are always too small. Glad you found one. Can't wait to see it decorated.

Alison said...

very cool.. and ours in in the same parts in the same show!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Jess! Congrats! You won the contest on my blog! I need your email address!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Jess! I think I deleted the email from you. I am such a spaz...I can't find it anywhere!!! Can you please resend it? Sorry and thanks!