Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!



a few pictures that didn’t make the cut….xmas4  xmasbw2  

this one just makes me laugh…..great jump coop!!!


i bribed them with skittles…don’t judge…it worked.

bw bw2 bw3this one almost made it…..but Caroline wanted a picture of her jumping too….. 

xmas1 xmas2

my two favorites……


i will be signing off for a few days…..kids will be home and i’m going to enjoy EVERY minute with them!!!

can’t wait for Christmas morning……

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend….i hope it is filled with family, friends and Christmas magic!


Nicolle said...

LOVE love love your Christmas card! And yes, those last 2 pics would be my favorites too. Merry Christmas!

Leslie said...


sloan said...

WOW - that's a beautiful Christmas card, Jess ... like BEAUTIFUL! LOVE the photos, you did those yourself?! They're really incredible, I love them all!!

I'm soon signing off for a break as well ... can't wait to stop stressing about Christmas and start ENJOYING it!!

Merry Christmas, Jess!

Kim said...

Your card turned out BEAUTIFUL! I love it! I also adore the 2nd pic and the last one. Definite framers.

Enjoy your time with your kiddos!

Jen said...

Beautiful pics! Beautiful kids!
Enjoy your family and Merry Christmas!

Cindy said...

These are beautiful Jess!
The PERFECT card.
Enjoy the night and Merry Christmas!

Chrissie said...

beautiful pictures! You won over at www.flipflopsandapplesauce.com. Yay!
Merry Christmas!

Mari said...

WOW, those are awesome pictures. enjoy your christmas break!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Thank you for linking up your adorable card! It is precious:) hugs, Cathy

Pam said...

LOVE your card! and can I say that I am not a fan at all of music on blogs but I love your music!! :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kerri said...

Wow...your card is AWESOME! You take amazing picture Jess! Wanna do my card next year?! :)