Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas village

every year the first thing that comes out of the boxes is the Christmas village for the mantel.

When the kiddos were babies i would take a quiet moment to set it up myself.  Last year Caroline helped me.  This year i had both kiddos helping.


IMG_8909 this village belonged to my grandmother Mimi and it was passed down to me when she passed away…..she loved her village so much….my mom also has a village that goes on her 3 mantels in her home in Vermont….a family tradition indeed!


after i put the houses in place i let the kids place all the people….they unwrapped each one like it was a present.

IMG_8899   IMG_8905  IMG_8907    IMG_8911


Nicolle said...

Your village is so pretty! I love it. I love the picture towards the bottom of your kids hugging each other in front of it. I am sure your mimi would be proud that you are displaying it so nicely! :)

jen said...

What a great idea. I actually enlisted a few more little people in decorating this year, and I was surprised how it didn't stress me out like I thought it would.
Thanks for linking.

Jenny said...

I love your village. We have one too with lots of pieces. We are waiting until next year to put it up. I am afraid our two year old will destroy it. I think it looks great on the mantle.

sloan said...

wow, jess, this is super cute - i love this tradition!! we have an angel tradition that I want to link up with Jen's blog about ... so I know what you mean about the kids opening up each piece like a treasure!! Love that yours was passed down, too .. makes it even more special ...

Kerri said...

What a cute village...and your mantle is the perfect height for the kids to decorate! The picture of the kids together is adoable...you can tell they are good buddies!