Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

time to trim the tree!!….but we can’t say that around here because cooper thinks its time to get the clippers out and cut the tree…learned that lesson the hard way!

last year i borrowed this idea, from a fellow blogger, of having a box of ornaments for each child…last year when i put the decorations away i separated them into 2 boxes.


Cooper’s method was to spread them all out to get a good look at all of them.


and then they dive under!


is this normal??? i always giggle when i see the bottom branches filled with ornaments…we would have it no other way!!

tree2 tree3 treecaroline  treecooperi was so lucky to win a free online photography class from Kimberly’s giveaway! check out the cool pics i took of our tree!!! i love the star lights!!! 

treesparkles  treeraysof light treesparkle

have a wonderful weekend!!!


Leslie said...

Your tree is beautiful. I love the idea of a box of ornaments for each child. Our kids still love to decorate, but after they find their 5 or 6 favorites they are done and want to watch the Christmas movie we always watch each year. So...the tree doesn't get completed until I finish up, but we all did pitch in and I love the time we spend together in the tradition.

Jenny said...

Holy cow! You deserve an award for the two boxes of ornaments idea! What a great way to stop al the fighting over who gets to do which ornaments! So smart! your tree pics are so awesome. I love them. Ours never turn out, I try every year, but oh well.

sloan said...

oh my goodness, I love the "firecracker" look of that tree photo - how on earth did you do that?! So cool!! Tell me more - what's the class??

Diane said...


kristin said...

oh gosh i love those last two pictures of the star lights and the burst lights. those are so cool! i wish i could do that!!!