Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 3

The kids just had to get in the hole....for 2 days now Cooper keeps saying "back" when he sees the construction...we are not sure if this means he wants to get back in the hole or that he wants all the dirt to go back. The next two pictures below are what we found! We found an old oven of some sort, made of brick, in a dome shape, about 5 feet wide, 5 feet deep, it has been filled in with ash and coals, about 20 feet away from the house, the top only a couple feet from the surface....neighbors who have been in the neighborhood remember an old garage near the site, but no recollection of a stove, or the garage even having a basement to it.

Day 3...we are really moving now....the forms for the footings are built and as I type the second cement truck is getting in place to pour.....its a rainy, damp day and the yard is a bit cramped for the big trucks but the work is amazing to watch. The trucks wheel is practically over the edge at times. Once again Cooper is napping through it all....thank goodness for noise machines.

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