Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Life sometimes feels like a rollarcoaster ride...so many ups and downs...so many things out of our control and we truely are just on this "ride"....sometimes hanging on (white knuckles and all) and sometimes letting go and waving our hands up in the air. We started out on our trip up to Vermont, little over two hour trip.....the kids very excited about seeing Gramma and Shener...half way there we get pulled over for speeding...what a bummer! We survived the trip, and survived the day of keeping a big secret, Shener's surprise Birthday Party!!!! What a celebration!!! Lots of family and friends, great food and Irish music!!! The kids were amazing all night...and they even slept through the night!!! We made it home slowly and safely. On Memorial Day we spent the first part of the morning cheering on friends and family at the Finnegan 5K, and then off to the parade....Caroline and Rob marching with Caroline's Busy Bee preschool and Cooper and I watching, waving, and clapping!!! A beautiful day, sunny and blue sky. We are really enjoying this "ride of life" our hands are in the air with smiles on our faces...but we are at the top now.....and on our way to a picnic I get a phone call that Mimi (my grandmother) has passed away.....I want to get off this ride. That afternoon as we were putting the kids into their car seats, Caroline spotted a lady walking her dog....Caroline asked if she could pet it...any other day I would have come up with an excuse not to...but not wanting a struggle of any kind I lifted Caroline out of her seat and we went over to see this dog...Caroline asked if she could pet it and wanted to know the dog's name...the owner said "Her name is Mimi."

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