Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from the Beach

We packed up the kids and the mini-van on Friday and traveled to visit Rob's relatives....who live on the water.....we had three days of beach, boating, exploring, fish catching, shell collecting...and catching up...spending days and nights with a family that we matter how much time goes by...we still feel at home with them.....the cousins reconnect.....ages 2 to 17......and the days are filled with fun.This is Long favorite spot......the only place with a is about a 5 minute boat ride to this remote peninsula of low tide it is great for exploring......the kids collect shells, catch fish.....and endless swimming. And then as the tide comes in....the water rolls over the beach till the whole place is underwater. The kids (and Rob) loved taking a shower in the outdoor shower!

And, Caroline loved catching the little fish.

Cooper, Caroline and cousin Abby

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Tanya said...

Oh, that looks nice! I love the beach. How nice that you have such easy access to it! Such cute kids too!