Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Keeping Cool and Construction Update

Our new summer hangout...the beach at our local lake.....By 10am we have claimed our spot...set up the chairs...suntan lotion applied...hats on...and the kids play in the sand and swim for hours. Within the last couple of weeks Caroline is swimming on her own...and Cooper thinks he can....and the deal is...if Caroline can leave without a tantrum (leaving anything is difficult for Caroline) than we can come back the next day....they can't seem to get enough of helps that there are at least 20 kids and only 5 minutes from home.

Are you ready for this...... Construction Update: the framing has begun!!! We have walls and a roof....just the garage so far.....the space between the old house and the new will be the new of this space will be a set of french doors out to a of the old kitchen (to the left of the patio) will be another set of french doors leading out to a screened in porch. First the garage will go up and then they will build the kitchen space which will connect everything together! And then they tear down the wall and demo our kitchen...that is when we go to Gramma's house!Starting to look like a garage!! And the kids, I mean Rob....will have an amazing play room...I mean workroom....on the second floor.

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