Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We have a wonderful friend, Christine, who has started her own business....check out her website for these adorable comfort blankets called Tinies.......what a great gift for a mom-to-be!!! Most children will carry around what I call a "favorite." Caroline's favorite is a stuffed giraffe...that gets dragged around everywhere and has been washed many times (and I wish that I had two in case of ever losing it, but I have yet to find an identical one)....Cooper carries around a baby doll and a plastic saw (yes, weird).....not the most practical things to be attached to..... Christine has made the perfect blanket for a little one!!! Mention that you are a friend of mine and she will sell you one for $ she sells them for $12.
And one last plug......this book was written by Rob's cousin...Linda is a wonderful mom of 4 kiddos. This book is filled with great information for each and every day of your child's first, songs, advice, and activities...and at the end of the week she provides a wonderful "reflection on the week" and a prayer which always put things in perspective for me. I try to gift this book to every new mom I know!!! And if you are a true "Friends" fan you might know that this was one of the books Rachel and Ross were reading in the episode where Emma was fussy.

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