Thursday, July 24, 2008

Before they start building the walls of the new kitchen they need to prep this outside wall of the house.....stripped off the aluminium siding and the original clapboard to expose the wide planks....found a door on the second they had to rebuild that part of the wall....also came across hundreds of bees as they worked in 90 degree heat.The windows have been taken out of the kitchen and covered with plywood.....but I still have the sink!!! No worries yet!! I have been slowly packing up the kitchen, amazed at all the stuff!!!

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Tanya said...

Oh, the rides look fun! Well, except for that strawberry spinner. That thing is evil! When I was a teen, I went on it with a group of boys. I told them they couldn't spin it because I'd get sick, so of course they spun it as fast as they could. I got sick..all over their shoes!

Glad your family had a nice time!