Sunday, September 7, 2008

construction update rained all day on Saturday and the concrete is coming they are digging everything out today.....the photo below shows the old kitchen...the floor has been ripped out, as well as the back stairs and an old chimney. There will be two sets of french doors...the first set will be where the opening is on the left and the second is where the blue tarp is....there is old foundation there and that is being dug out as i type....and tomorrow (hopefully) they can pour the new foundation in......plumber is coming hopefully in a couple weeks they can pour the floor and set up the radiant heat. This photo is a close up of what was underneath the old kitchen...just a crawl space...and the basement is in the upper right hand corner, field stone basement wall and dirt floors...this is where the old will meet the new....yippee!Sunday....for Rob and Uncle Mark it is a day for working on this house....for the kids and I, we went to church, the cousins' football game, and a family dinner at Aunt Jen's house.

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