Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A few of my new favorite blogs....

I need to update my favorite many creative, funny and interesting bloggers out there!!

Sunday Baker I am missing my kitchen every day! Especially when I read Tanya's blog....she posts amazing recipes.....and step by step directions with pictures!! I'm hooked and hungry!!!

it's the little things.... check out the beautiful jewelry on this blog! This is a wonderful mother of two boys who makes the most inspirational necklaces.

Whatever this blog cracks me up! This mom has the best perspective on raising kids...and she has a whole bunch of them! Check out her home! I even entered a "blog giveaway" and won!!! Check out all the games she was giving away...... Caroline wants Cooper to go to school all day so that we can have a game marathon day! (without a 2 year old bothering her) Thanks again Meg!

Flipflops and applesauce If you have little ones...this blog is great! This mom shares recipes, crafts, and so much more!!!

Cooking for Monkeys I just love the name of this blog.....and check out the meals made for! Great ideas! Check out the Bento Lunch Boxes...way cool.

so...thats all for now.....happy blogging!!

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