Friday, September 12, 2008


Some random pictures from this from sweet and thoughtful. With all of the madness going on around here he comes home from a 14 hour day with flowers for me.
A window with a view...not really the kind of view that i was hoping for...but these days a cement truck makes me happy......I can't even believe I said that, but when I saw it back up into the yard (who am i kidding...we don't have a yard left) I said "yeah the concrete guys are here....its foundation day!!!" This is how it looks from the sidewalk....really close to my hosta guys! They really could care far they have run into Caroline's tree in the front yard and broke a branch off, backed over the kids garden bench, smashed Cooper's slide....but who's keeping track. And, this weeks amusement.......a box. One big box that is perfect size for two kids..... They colored like crazy...told me where they wanted windows and hours of fun!

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