Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend at Gramma and Shener's Part1 order for Rob to get any work done on the house I finally had to pack up the kids and head to Vermont to visit Gramma and Shener...and we picked up Cousin Tyler to add to the fun!!!

The kids cannot get enough of Tyler....or be any closer! Caroline woke up at 5am to wake him up.....I held her off until 6am. Sorry Ty.
The weather was great! And the kids had fun hanging out on the sunny porch.
Lots of fun things to caroline's rules of course.
and cooking.....always a favorite activity...Gramma has patience to cook with 2 little ones....and make an amazing meal....simply amazing. Cooper finally big enough to get in on the action....making homemade french fries.
and playing dress-up...only a Gramma would have a hat like that!
to be continued........Part 2 tomorrow

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