Monday, September 15, 2008

The Josh

Sunday we headed down to Tanglewood to cheer on our family and friends who were racing in The Josh.....Caroline and Cooper are giving last minute hugs to the runners, Lea and Aunt Jen.
It was a crazy morning of rain we prepared with raincoats and splash boots.....but as soon as the rain stopped the sun came out and it was in the 80s and humid! Can you tell who is the daddy in the picture below....he had two screaming kids cheering him on...."Go Daddy!!!"

This is our view from the shore.....thats Coop with the long blond hair......

Smiles after the race!
Waiting for Aunt Jen and Lea to finish the last leg of the race........

After the pictures...WWJ (we're with jeff) and JBJ (just beat Jeff)WWJ (we're with Jeff) Team picture: Aunt Jen, Uncle Brian, Uncle Jeff and Rob

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