Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve day we headed over to Nani and Grampa’s house to enjoy the beautiful day…..the ice was amazing!

eve eve1 eve2

who needs a zamboni when we have a leaf blower to clear the ice!


trying out the ice fishing tools….how thick is the ice?



Christmas eve we host a party for Rob’s family and my dad’s family…its a bit chaotic and i never have the chance to take pictures…but i did catch Caroline and one of her cousins at the dessert table…yum!


cooper is showing us his reindeer dust…..usually a mixture of oats and glitter…the oats for the reindeer to snack on and the glitter shines in the night so the reindeer know where to land….but i forgot the oats….so we used rice krispy cereal, carrots and lots of glitter!


right before bed we head outside to sprinkle the reindeer dust all over the front yard.


i always love the tree on Christmas eve…with the kids asleep, the house clean from the party, and presents underneath….all is peaceful.


I love christmas eve… a house filled with friends and family, cousins together, great food, and the anticipation of the next day!

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Steph said...

What a great day you had. I think Christmas Eve is so magical!