Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow days are exhausting!

our first snow day of the school year…the kids were excited!!

i, on the other hand had a list of things i was hoping to accomplish and knew the day was going in a whole new direction after they cancelled school.

we started out shoveling the driveway…..Cooper is actually diving into the snow and rolling around in it… he was so excited to see it! 


after a few hours we went inside to make cookies…the kids got right to work!


what a look! and with a rolling pin in his hand!



Cooper was really getting into it this year!

sd6 sd7 

we bagged them up and delivered them to neighbors….too much sugar to keep in this house!


and what would be a snow day without stickering yourself….they were quiet for 30 minutes doing this…..


back outside….great snowman making snow….not great for shoveling though….very heavy snow.


Cooper was very proud of “Frosty”



Coop and i finally went inside and left my determined daughter out…she is a shoveling maniac!!

2 tired kids and one sore back…….here is one momma hoping there is school tomorrow.

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Jeanneoli said...

So funny!!! You are a good mom make cookies and made a huge mess in your kitchen:-)