Tuesday, December 22, 2009

staying in touch

one of my favorite things about Christmas is receiving cards…

i love the daily ritual of going to the mailbox to see who has sent holiday wishes.

since the day i left my small town to go to college 15 hours away i lost touch with many friends from high school…but during the month of December i get cards!

after 6 years in the South i moved back up North to move to the city and i lost touch with friends, Theta sisters and roommates, but in December i get cards!

once in the city, new house, newly married, new jobs….we had our first child….we moved to the suburbs and i became a stay at home mom. once more i moved away from friends (Mary, congrats on becoming a Grandmother, i am so excited for you!)

with Christmas cards i feel connected to friends and family who are far away…the friends i know that when we get together its like time has not passed. Friends who i feel blessed to have in my life, who have been there during different chapters of my life.


photo cards let me see new babies i have yet to hold, new homes, family and friends….kids growing up so fast!


hoping you have many warm wishes in your mailbox today!!


JRDecker said...

I loooove seeing our picture in your card collage! It makes me feel not a far from you. Miss you much.

Jess said...

miss you janet!!! the picture was amazing...gorgeous!!!

Steph said...

I love your card display! It's so neat! I also love getting cards. I think I run to the mailbox each day just too see who sent one that day. lol