Thursday, January 7, 2010


meet bella

my fist baby

i got her the summer after i graduated from college…..just before i started my 2 year graduate program.

almost 13 years later…her life is completely different from when i brought her home to a southern apartment i shared with a roommate.

now up North, hubby, house and 2 crazy kids…she often looks at me…as if to say, “what is going on here?” or “what have you done?!”


she spends most of the day in her doggie bed which is nice and warm on the radiant heat floor.


and she has a love-hate relationship with Caroline……most days she is completely annoyed with the kids, but i often see her cuddling up to Caroline.


she is a quirky dog……she won’t eat her food out of her bowl, she takes it to a different spot to eat. and she never eats alone, only when someone is in the kitchen.

she sneezes so hard her head hits the ground…and never sneezes just once, always a gazillion times.

and when we hold her over the bath tub her paws start to swim…i really need to get a video of this.

we are not sure if she can see anymore….not sure if she can hear or if she just has selective hearing like the kids.

she is great dog…quirks and all!

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Steph said...

Awe, she is too sweet! Our pets get old far too quickly. The picture of her snuggled up with Caroline is so cute! I love her little quirks too.