Saturday, January 16, 2010



Thursday night we headed up to the hill.


great form Caroline!


after a couple runs Caroline was off on her own on the bunny slope while Rob worked with Cooper. 

ski3 ski4 ski5

a pep talk on the top of the hill……


as the sun went down…night skiing.  Cooper  and i headed in to warm up and Caroline and Rob headed up the chairlift for a few runs.


teaching a 3 year old how to ski takes a lot of patience….and as the night went on he got VERY tired…..and ended up sobbing at the bottom of the hill.

ski8 ski9

after 2 hours….still smiling!



Steph said...

How adorable is that? I've never skiied before. She's doing great! Cooper looks really good too! You guys have a lot of fun winter things to do! I really enjoyed the pictures. :)

Jennifer said...

Cooper is 3? When is his birthday? I ask because our youngest is turning 3 in March and we've been debating whether to try and get him on skis this year or not. Owen, 5, really picked it up this year, and of course, whatever big brother does, little brother wants to do, too. Is this Bousquet?

Jess said...

cooper turned 3 in August..and yes, he wants to do everything Caroline does....3 is not easy on skiis..he stays on the bunny hill while caroline wants to be on the we divide and conquer. he loves going up the magic carpet at Bousquet! and he can scoot around on the flat parts but going down hill Rob has to be with him....i don't think his little legs are stong enough to stop yet....most importantly, he loves being out there but it is very frustrating...and he has the attention span of a nat so he doesn't listen very well.we are going to try again tonight!