Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day

new years day we spent all day at the cove, a small swamp pond in our town that freezes.

we packed up the skates, shovels and snacks

1st job was to clear the ice


the sun came out and the ice was amazing!


for 4 hours we shoveled, skated….and Cooper ate snow.

ice2 ice3

kids enjoyed the sled rides…adults got a work out pulling the sled!


all smiles!


until the sled went too fast…and cooper wanted off!


but he got back and then he fell out, mittens fell off….just a few tears.


don’t worry….he recovered and played with his trucks and tried to find Nemo through the ice.


they think they spotted him!


while the big kids played hockey


the little kids skated on the small rink


i was told to stop worrying about the ice that looked like this.


this was Caroline’s hair after we took off her helmet….yikes!!!! thank goodness a neighbor came to our rescue with some detangler!!!!  

icehair Happy New Year Everyone!!!

1 comment:

Steph said...

I love the one of them looking for Nemo! How cute is that?

Yeah, that ice would scare me! Why did it look like that?

Oh no, look at Caroline's helmet hair. I'm glad you found some detangler. That had to help tremendously!