Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crazy Busy!!!!

shopping, shopping and more shopping

making lists

dragging all the boxes from the attic

fighting with strands of Christmas lights (what is it with lights…when i put them away last year they were working…now they don’t!)

making more lists

Christmas Eve invites

sewing these and these


basketball, ballet and Nutcracker rehearsals

parent-teacher conferences

fall clean up

Christmas cards

2 full days of public school strategic planning

menu planning

and don’t forget the laundry!

planning for Christmas parties, retirement party and bridal shower.

baking, cooking

planning trip to Baltimore for friend’s  Christmas wedding

so busy….i have resorted to putting the kids to work!!!!

i call them my elves and they get right to work!!!

found this great craft to make Christmas candles….


i thought it would be a sticky mess but the kids got into it!

candle caroline

5 day weekend starting tomorrow!!

filled with family, friends and food!!!

feeling so blessed!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

can you tell i’m excited?!!


sloan said...

your checklist feels the same as ours, overwhelming isn' it?! But exciting at the same time - it means the holidays are here!! Happy Thanksgiving, Jess!!

Jen said...

What is it about the Christmas lights. Its almost as if we need to buy brand new ones every year!

I'm having some Peppermint Mocha coffee right now too...Ha! Ha!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicolle said...

You are busy, and blessed!! Love the 2 sewing projects you are doing. The crayon pouch is so cute. Thank you for your sweet and kind comment, it touched my heart!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kim said...

Oh! I'm so glad you linked to the zipper pouch tutorial. I am making pouches also and am always looking for other ideas. Have you started yours yet? I'm hoping to make them for the Big Ballerina's best buddy castmates to hold their makeup for the shows. :)