Thursday, November 4, 2010


a last minute trip to Boston….hubby and the kids had last Friday off so we headed into the city….1st stop New England Aquarium.

we spent over 4 hours exploring everything there was to see…..a bit disappointing was the mammal exhibit was closed and the sharks were taken out of the big tank…..and there were a gazillion kids on their school field trips.

bostonseallove the color of the water….only to find out it is actually the harbor water they filter into the tank. 

bostonpenguin bostonpenguin1  bostonturtle

when we lived in the city Rob’s work had their summer party here….after hours….with a jazz band and open bar. We had the aquarium all to ourselves (no kiddos at the time), walked around with a glass of wine in our hands, and got to see the penguins sleeping…..they snuggle when they sleep, so cute.

boston bostonfish

during the feeding presentation they showed us how they trained the penguins to hop into this little box so they could weigh each penguin….it was so cute watching the penguins wait in line and then take turns hopping into the box.


2nd stop memory lane….  Dorchester Heights in South Boston

11 years ago on October 23rd hubby and i went for a walk one morning….our fist house was a triple decker and we lived right around the corner from this park….those were the days when i could parallel park on a hill and my commute to work was a drive right through the city…..but i wasn’t living there just yet…..i was two hours away living at home trying to pay off college loans, working as an inside sales rep. for GE….making twice as much as i would if I had gone straight into education….long story short…hubby got down on one knee and proposed that morning….yippeeee!



bostondh   bostondhsmiles 

3rd stop  the North End


we crashed a neighborhood Halloween party, watched the kids costume parade and hit Mike’s for our cannoli fix…….


i think if i ever had to live in the city again i would want to live in the North End….and i would work my way through all the goodies at Mike’s….


a quick trip to the city is always so much fun!!!


gabe said...

I didn't realize you lived so close to Boston. David and I went there in May and loved it. I wish I lived so close, it is a great city!

Kerri said...

I really like the picture of the kids from behind looking at that big fish!

Pam said...

Our posts ARE similar!! I think we may head into the aquarium next week. Doesn't it just smell in there??!! I do love Boston!! Have a great day..

Nicolle said...

I am a bit jealous that you live so close to such a neat city! I have visited Fall River, MA a few times when my BF lived there, but we never went to Boston. I'd love to go one day. Great photos!