Monday, November 15, 2010

family words

when caroline was 2 she could not say popsicle…..she wanted a “mockel”

during the winter we have “hanitizer”  hand+sanitizer= hanitizer  makes sense right? and “snishews” to wipe their little noses.

last year when we went to the local ski sale we set out to get poles for the kids…..except we call them “sticks”   after we purchased them Cooper said, “yeah, we have sticks!!” so exciting!  But the “know it all” lady said to the my kids, “tell your mommy we call them poles.”   To which i replied, “get your sticks kids!!!”card


and because Cooper can’t pronounce a j sound lots of words make me smile like “gump” jump and “guice” juice.

most parents might worry and think about speech and language therapy.

i just smile and hold on to our “family words”


Kerri said...

Me too! I just smile and hope my son says things "wrong" for a long long time! BTW, hanitizer makes a LOT of sense...I like that one!
Brady can't say he always says we can hang out with "beach" other. So, we say that too. He also often says that someone gave him a "compument"....we never correct him! Whatever!
Love this post Jess and your kids look so cool in their ski gear!

Cindy said...

Oh I just love the things little ones say. We still call lotion "lopey" for Riley and a drink of water is still "la la" for Janey. Can't wait to hear what Aubrey will make-up.
Enjoy the day

sloan said...

We had so many of those kinds of words, especially with my younger daughter - those are the greatest, aren't they?! Some of them are so dear to us that we still use them ... "buttersly" comes to mind instead of butterfly - there are more, but that one has to be my most treasured "family word" ... great post!!

Thanks for the info on the fabric, btw - I'm going to try ours, it's about 40 mins away, but worth a visit for sure!! Thanks for the tip ;-)

Nicolle said...

I love this! It almost makes me sad when Boyd starts saying things the "right" way! :)

ps. here is where I got that coffee print.

you should get one. I love mine! :)

And I am going to start that tradition of lighting a candle for remembering loved ones. thank you! :)

Kim said...

Agree 10000%. It's the best when they say it "their way." Those are the things we remember so well and the girls love hearing us tell them about how they "used" to say it.

BB used to say, "Don't go babout me!" instead of without. LOVED hearing that.

Alison said...

Sweetness!! We have Stuffin Aminals ( Stuffed animals) and blanklets ( blankets) and i refuse to make them same em right...they are only little so long!