Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Monday

please go easy on me…

it was a great weekend…

family, food, decorating, shopping, more family and lots more food…..i feel 10 pounds heavier….i should of stepped away….but i am weak….and there was pie.

so today i am hoping to be productive…i have a big “to do” list…don’t we all?! hoping to get a jog in…brisk walk in my case…me running is not a pretty sight….but it needs to happen.


a couple of weeks ago the kids got to work on a little note for their daddio…….his 2nd job is teaching a course at a local college…which means he leaves the house before 5am and doesn’t get home until after 7pm….2 nights out of the week….he sees the kiddos for about 15 minutes before they fall asleep….most nights Cooper is already out.


so Monday nights is breakfast for dinner night….pancakes, bacon and fruit….they think it’s wonderful.

we’ll get in pjs early…(why not, its dark by 4:00!) and they each grab a stack of books….we snuggle in my bed and read and read until bedtime…..i think it’s wonderful.


monday2 monday3

Happy Monday everyone…hope it’s a good one!!!


gabe said...

I love your note to Monday. . .ditto!!

and reading books in bed until bedtime, lovely!

sloan said...

you definitely have the cutest Mondays anywhere! We used to have a breakfast for dinner night once/week too - we all loved those nights, so much fun ...

BTW, that last photo with the drawing of your family in front of the house is frame-worthy ... what a classic, it's absolutely adorable!

Nicolle said...

I love that you read in bed and snuggle all evening. I get so caught up in my day that I don't do this enough with my little one. Thank you for the reminder....I am trying to remember to do more things like that! :)

Jenny said...

We too are doing simple fun things around here. Baths in our big soaking tub are the favorites right now. I think we'll be enjoying lots of popcorn and holiday movies in our jammies in the next few weeks.

Jen said...

We love breakfast for dinner....almost more than breakfast for breakfast! He He!
Enjoy the season.
Love the big coloring project.
Have you seen Romano and Beezus?They do a huge coloring picture in the movie.

Cindy said...

Oh we love breakfast for dinner too!
And I could definitely use a l.o.n.g. walk!!!
Enjoy the night,

Kim said...

I love their giant coloring and all those great organized supplies! What a warm, fuzzy that note is.:)