Wednesday, November 17, 2010

toy room makeover

it was time….this room was getting out of control….and the kids didn’t even like being in here!
when we first moved into the house this room was a small room with one window, painted a dark color, no trim around the windows and doors, being used as a dining room.
i lightened this picture in Picasa just to was a cave!
see….dark color… trim.
well, its still a small room with one window, but when we first moved in we moved the chandelier to a bigger room, re-finished the floors and painted the walls….. a little better.
But now after 5 years it was time to get organized….and get rid of a few toys….i even got the ok to move out the big plastic kitchen!!
Before: Crazy Chaos!IMG_8406   
my main goal was to use what we had in the room already.  We thought about separating the book cases and moving them all over the room…..but i love the look of all of them on one wall.
At first i thought it would be fun to paint this room a kid color….but realized i needed to keep it a neutral color since the room is adjoining the living room and the kitchen…so we’ll keep the kid colors for their bedrooms.
the only thing i bought for this room, other then the paint and fabric, was the white shelves…..i found them at HomeGoods for $15 each….and i had a birthday gift card…so they were free for me!
i labeled a few areas with rub on letters….the kids loved this and wanted me to label EVERYTHING in the room….the toys, the couch, the baskets….
Cooper’s tool table is NEVER clean…
I “shopped” the house for the big baskets, still looking for the liner on the middle one (i know i washed it and put it somewhere!)the kids love to pin up their art work!
after 5 years the doors finally have trim!
$1.50 a yard this was the perfect cotton fabric…i sewed a bunch of curtains to hide the bottom shelves….the kids love to look behind the curtains to see what they can find….and i love hiding all the toys!
i was tempted to find a fun floral fabric with lots of color….but then i thought the toys bring enough color to the room and went with this fabric…..$5 a yard at Joanne’s was a great deal for their heavier home fabrics….i actually made them go down to the floor, if we ever wanted to move the shelves around.
i am happy to report that the kids play in here all the time….taking out toys they haven’t played with in years!
a mini-makeover for under $100 and a toy room we can all live with!


gabe said...

love it. . .

doesn't it feel good to change things without spending a fortune???

Jenny said...

wow! That looks fabulous. So clean and neat and streamlined. Awesome job. Love love love the drape fabric.

Allison Nicole said...

You did a great job Jess! I might have to steal some of your ideas for the finished basement in our house which is the kids playroom!

Alison said...

I love it.. great job!

Kerri said...

Looks AWESOME Jess! So neat and tidy! LOVE the fabric and the way you hung their artwork!

Cindy said...

Kerri took the words right out of my it all!!:)
Don't you feel great when a big project like that is done?
Enjoy the day

sloan said...

WOWZA!! What a huge change for such short money, I can't believe it!! I know the black bookcases were there before, but I love those - where did they come from?? I love the color and the beadboard on the back ...

You get an A+ for this makeover, it's like something that should be on HGTV!!! Seriously, love everything about it - the colors, the fabrics, the artwork, the labeled areas, everything!! Well, done!!

Nicolle said...

You did such a fantastic job. I am sure the kids love it. It's nice for them to have a "new" play area. You did it on such a small budget and that is awesome! I love the way it all looks.

Jen said...

I need your organization skills over here! Fabulous job. Huge difference...and little money. yay!

SweDaisy said...

Great job! I love the labels. Where did you get the work bench from? So cute.

Take care,