Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ready or Not…..here comes Winter!

Winter was a bit sneaky this year……we woke up Monday morning to sleet, rain, snow and wind!!!  There was a mad dash through the house to find all the right gear!!!

and let me tell you….there is a lot of gear! BOOTS to wear to school, shoes in bag to change into, extra pair of SNOWPANTS to keep at school, and an extra outfit to keep at school in case of getting wet from playing in the snow at recess.  And at home there are bins filled with MITTENS, GLOVES, SCARVES, EARWARMERS, BALACLAVAS and HATS, extra JACKETS, SNOWPANTS, SNOWSUITS and BOOTS….and they all have to fit!!


I am always amazed every year how fast the kids grow out of everything……thank goodness for hand-me-downs, consignment sales and shopping the pre-winter sales.

snowready   the kids had a blast afterschool…..Cooper didn’t even waste any time…..he went out without snowpants …..and realized that snow is wet…some things need to be re-learned every year.


a sneak peek of the playroom makeover……little by little progress is being made…..it has taken me over 2 weeks to paint, hubby is still working on the trim (for some crazy reason this room did not have trim) and pictures need to be hung.

i have cleaned out a TON of toys….and the kiddos now play MORE in this room….go figure.



gabe said...

love that fabric!!

Digging out all our winter gear is on my to do list. . .but it's 70* today, too nice to fiddle with gloves and such!

Kerri said...

You call that a sneak peek...what a tease!
I can't believe you have some snow already! I might need to go on "special" medicine if we got that here already! And when it snows here...the kids are not allowed to have outside recess. Weird!

Nicolle said...

It's so hard for me to imagine snow already. How fun! IF we get any, it's usually not until January.

Can't wait to see the makeover. I just sold a couple of larger toys on Craig's List....and took a sack to Goodwill. I love cleaning stuff out! I'm reading a book that a blog friend suggested to me, Simplicity Parenting....it's so good and talks about the simpler the better and the kids play better with less. :)

sloan said...

OK, first of all ... snow?! Wow - we had all the howling winds and rain over here - but nowhere near snow ... I feel so sad you got snow, it's too early!!

And second of all, you're gonna have to get detailed when you finally do your playroom reveal b/c that fabric is EXACTLY what I'm looking for - I'm doing a small makeover right now for the girls funky 1950's deco bathroom!! Sure hoping that your fabric is something I can get my hands on too!!

Kim said...

SNOW?!!? Already?@?@ That's as bad as all the Christmas decorations I've seen up already. My girls would be so totally excited though!

Love that fabric! Bring on the rest of the pix. :)

Alison said...

Mine did the same thing.. they love snow!