Sunday, October 31, 2010


  so…let me share a wonderful thing i learned this Halloween……the trick-or-treat excitement is crazy with a 6 and 4 year old…..but when i told them i needed help cleaning the house before family and friends came over……they were cleaning MANIACS! Caroline dusted everything in site..although i thought the cobwebs were very festive, i wasn’t going to stop her! And we gave Cooper the dryvac…at this point in the day hubby and i actually had a beer and said CHEERS!


final touches on the pumpkins….


hair in curlers…..eating dinner…every year we eat all orange!!! well…except for the sandwiches…and the cannolis we bought in the North End on our trip to Boston….


she is happy as a clam wearing all of her dress up clothes…no need to spend money on a new costume….she went as a tooth fairy.


   never mind the costume….the hair was a big hit this year!  hcooper

and we enjoyed the 5 minutes of sun….and then it turned cold….maybe 45 degrees….and then came the rain…..and yes, snow.


a quick interruption to vent my Halloween pet peeves…sorry to offend anyone…just sayin….

#1  you should not be trick-or-treating if you are under 1 year of age and over 20 years of age…..don’t get me wrong, i love to see all the kids dressed up but the baby holding a candy bag, really??!! or then there is the dad dressed up…holding a candy bag for himself…really?!?

#2 please parents…get out of the mini-van and WALK with your kids.

#3 the kids who say, “i can’t have that…do you have any candy that is not chewy?” really?! what happened  to saying “trick-or-treat!” and “thank you!”

#4 i don’t mind the teenagers who come around…..put please put on a costume…and please don’t smash our pumpkins.

now back to more pictures…..

IMG_8695h3  IMG_8698h2



we just couldn’t stop giggling at the back of Cooper’s costume.

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Pam said...

This looked like the perfect Halloween! Great photos and I agree on all! (LOVE all those old homes I'm seeing!!) Hope you enjoyed the cannolis!

Kerri said...

Your pictures are FANTASTIC! I like the one of the kids running down the sidewalk through the leaves! I agree w/ all of your pet peeves!
Cheers to kids helping out! ;)

Nicolle said...

I love your pictures! Your tooth fairy and superman are adorable. Love his hair!! I'm jealous of all of those beautiful leaves, and snow. wow. I'm glad you had a good night. And having the kids cleaning up the house, a definite bonus. I can't wait to try that when Boyd is a little older! :)

Jenny said...

So adorable. I agree with all your pet peeves! One of my friends lives in a neighborhood where people drop their kids off! The parents don't even stay with them. So horrible. Your kids look so cute. Love the idea of the tooth fairy.

sloan said...

Hi Jess - these photos are GREAT! I love the way you eat all orange things on Halloween - how fun is that?! btw, your pet peeve list is mine too - especially the grabbing teens and the minivan parents who idle in the street ... so annoying! Happy Halloween!!

Kim said...

Your pix are gorgeous. Looks like you live in the idyllic TorT neighborhood!

I can't believe you had snow! WOWZERS! At what point does it start sticking around for the winter?

gabe said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment yesterday, Jess.

What you describe is how our former school did it and what I am used to. A more "fluid" grouping system. Which I prefer, it gives the kids a chance to change things up a little.

thanks again.