Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wild Horses, Outer Banks

our last morning of our trip we decided to take a tour of the “outback” or 4X 4 beach of the Outer Banks. Upon entering the beach we first had to cross this puddle…..we were told that underneath were cattle grates that horses won’t cross…once up and around the corner we hit the beach.


only 4X4 cars are allowed..and after a 2 hour tour of driving on the beach and the dunes…we realized you would be crazy if you didn’t!


about 15 years ago they put up this fence to contain the horses….many horses were getting hit by cars.


driving along the beach we came along the “forest”  of old tree stumps.


after a week of on and off rain most “roads” or paths in the dunes were flooded….this car didn’t seem worried about it!hpuddle

the first tracks we spotted lead us to these three horses….amazing!!! This one was like a statue as we drove by…not a flinch, blink or hair moved…..she just stared us down….i was in awe…so much that our driver had to remind me to take pictures!

horse  horse2

our guide told us there are about 100 horses left……if one is sick or injured they take it off the Outer Banks to treat it, but are not allowed to bring it back because the antibiotics would alter the health of the herd. A great history of the horses can be found here.

horse1h2 h3 the puddles blocked many of the roads…or at least paths that led to each house….made driving a bit challenging!!hpuddles

2 hours of driving…hubby was a sport and sat in back with the kiddos…i caught cooper doing a silly dance.


then we spotted this herd grazing in a yard.


the horse on the left is pregnant…..and has white spots….something of a mystery because there are no white horses here. There were 2 babies in this herd.

hherd   hfamilyon our way back…..we were told this house is scheduled to be moved a few rows back….the house next to them was moved back a few weeks ago…the beach had washed up to it….no longer beach front, but literally waves underneath!

hhouse   hwedding hwindow

the kids are still talking about this adventure…Caroline has a new love of horses!


Anonymous said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

Great's clear y'all had a great time. Amazing horse pictures!

We're so glad you chose the Outer Banks for your vacation.

We'd love to help you plan your next OBX trip. Please let us know if we can help.

Have fun!

Seaside Vacations

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Pam said...

never been but dying to go! looks so pretty..glad you had fun!

sloan said...

UNREAL!! Love your photos, such an amazing trip!!