Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Currituck Lighthouse, Outer Banks

the Currituck Lighthouse near Heritage Park was a great place to explore with the kids….the grounds were beautiful…and even a wild rooster to see.


the base of the lighthouse had this great tree covered path that led to the keeper’s house.

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214 steps…lets go!!!


200 more to go…..why am i so winded?!


they close the top when the winds are more then 35 mpr…….it was 30 when we went……and it was crazy windy!

lhview  view of the Whalehead Club and the sound side.lhview3 

the kids loved every minute of it….the climb, the wind…ah to be young and fearless!



gabe said...

I just started reading The Language of Sand about a lighthouse on an island in the outer banks. . .its fun to see what a real one looks like!

sloan said...

Hi Jess, it's been awhile, I was away too ... but wow do I love seeing all the pictures you took on your trip - so pretty!! I am also a total wedding nut (lurker is more like it, I'm cuckoo for weddings!), I STILL love to look at other people's photos and gather ideas ... this one looks so beautiful, lucky you to be there!!

If you're as nutty as me for weddings, you should check my friend erin's blog ... gorgeous!

Anyway ... welcome home!! Can you believe how cold it's gotten?! Definitely Fall now ...