Monday, October 25, 2010

laundry, pie and wine

what caught your eye…..the laundry right?

he “let” me throw in his bunny(his favorite stuffed animal)….and has asked for it 78 times.

the bunny that looks gross even AFTER i clean it.

he carries it with him everywhere….except when he goes to preschool…he leaves it in his car seat….and the first thing he does when he gets in the car is smell it….it is very smelly.


our days have been rainy and dreary around here….time to bake and warm up the kitchen…Cooper and i got busy making an apple pie….he loves to help! Chop sticks come in handy when working with apple peels says Coop.


we add a praline topping to make it extra yummy….

Praline topping:

melt 1/4 cup of butter, stir in 1/2 cup of firmly packed light brown sugar and 2 Tbsp. of whipping cream.  Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly for 1 minute. Remove from heat, stir in  1/2 cup of chopped pecans and let stand for a couple of  minutes but don’t let it thicken too much….drizzle over pie…yum!


it rained so much on our vacation to the Outer Banks we were forced to find a few indoor activities…..a wine tasting sounded good after the 4th day of rain….brought the kids with us, yes we did….brought the babysitter iPods too  and toasted ourselves for good parenting! We bought a couple bottles of this….its called ChocoVine…..oddly good… a mudslide or Baileys….I'm going to see how it tastes with ice cream tonight.


Cheers to Monday!!!


Jenny said...

Holy yum! Your pie looks so good, I want to lick my screen. Funny about the bunny. My kids have never had a lovey item so I am kind of wishing they did after seeing him look in the dryer for it. So sweet.

Kim said...

That pie looks SOOO good! We were supposed to go apple picking this weekend, but when I called the orchard they said they were not in season anymore. We were SOOOO sad!

And, my little ballerina is the SAME way with her crib bumpers. She has to have them with her everywhere. They are basically in shreds so it's very hard to wash them. So, they are ummm...pretty smelly at times too. She likes the yucky smell and is mad when I wash them!

Nicolle said...

My son carries a blankie around and the corners are yucky and stained, even after washing! The pie looks so good. Yum.

I've seen a similar wine, but wondered if it was any good. I might have to give it a try now. :)

sloan said...

that praline topping looks soooooo delicious!! YUM!!

Jen said...

I agree...the pie...Yummo!
Thats the good thing about rainy days...I'm able to get some indoor chores done...and I really should start doing some baking!
Got my share of laundry going on over here too!
Have a great week!