Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outer Banks 2010

the last of the vacation pictures…i promise.

i love how everyone names their home on the beach…..we loved our Layla house! It was truly a home away from home….it had an entire closet filled with pool and beach toys, shelves filled with books and movies, baskets filled with games and a well stocked kitchen! the kids loved the pool and the adults loved the hot tub!


funny story…..the night before the wedding we were invited to the rehearsal dinner…a North Carolina pig roast…so much fun! Let me remind you that this was a wedding for a friend of mine from college, Kati….a college that was over 15 hours away from home for me…..so when hubby says, “i want you to meet someone” i was a little curious…..he introduced me to Steve…who he graduated from high school with….really!?! his wife Nicole is my friend Kati’s cousin….did you follow that?!? small world people, small world! Here is a picture of Steve with his adorable daughter Ellyson…..Cooper and Caroline’s new friend.


Caroline worked hard all week on her homework…..she kept a journal of our trip….and completed a gazillion worksheets that her teacher sent with us.


hubby took this one….. we took the kids out on the beach for a little Christmas card photo shoot….i am fixing Caroline’s dress…and yes, i have my hat on backwards…have you ever taken a picture with a hat on and the flash pops up….annoying!!! I love how he captured the lifeguard truck and Caroline with her hands on her hips!


the week called for rain every day….showers, drizzle, thunderstorms….but that didn’t stop us from having fun….walks in the rain…washing the cars in the rain…swimming in the pool in the rain…


and every small window of dry skies…we headed to the beach.

IMG_7840 obx2obx3


Cooper became a wave maniac on this trip…..but the waves were so big that someone needed to be right next to him.

obxwave2 obxwave3

he had so much fun!!! and only had to be saved a few times!!!obxwave5

but he was having a blast!!


so the week flew by…..and on our last morning we couldn’t resist catching the sun rise….6:48am.


goodbye beach.


goodbye waves.


goodbye warm, salty air.


goodbye sand, shells and castles.

ss1ssheart sslulu      

till next time.


gabe said...

those last four are awesome. . .

Its always amazing when you see people you don't expect to see! It sure is a small world!

Cindy said...

I agree with Gabe....love those last ones!
What a wonderful trip.
Enjoy the day

J&J said...

These pictures are amazing Jess! It looks like you all had an incredible week - despite the rainy weather!

Kim said...

It looks like your trip to OBX was one major success. YEAH! Maybe you'll return and we can meet you in person. :)

Those last pix are gorgeous! Especially the one of your son jumping. He's so clear and the colors are stunning.

sloan said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those last sunrise photos, especially where the kids are "holding" the sun - those are really great!!