Friday, October 15, 2010

a fall day

this week has been filled with glorious Fall days….chilly mornings, warm sun in the afternoon.

coop and i have been walking in the morning…he pushes his baby stroller and i take lots of pictures….we usually find ourselves taking a break at the local coffee shop.


our favorite tree on our street….a red maple i think.


us New Englanders know that as soon as winter hits….we will go for days without seeing the sun… we are soaking it in as much as we can these days.

fall3  fall7 fall8  after gathering a few of our favorite leaves we headed back home….Cooper got right to work shaving a few crayons down.


placed everything on a piece of waxed paper


covered it with a 2nd piece of waxed paper and then i ironed it…not directly but with a towel over everything….melting both the wax paper and crayon.


taped them on our door to let the light shine through!


stormy weather is in our forecast today…they even mentioned SNOW in the hills!!


Kerri said...

Your pictures are so GOOD...and the one of Cooper laying in the grass is just plain FUN!
Our trees for some reason aren't as colorful as they usually are...not sure why.

Enjoy your weekend!

sloan said...

LOVE these Fall photos (and your 10 on 10 was so much fun too!) - your leaves are ahead of us for sure! How's the weather right now? It is SOOOO windy here on the coast, it's shaking our poor house!

My husband is actually heading out your way right now, to spend the weekend fly fishing the Deerfield River, hope the skies clear soon for him?!

sloan said...

PS - I love the new song ... Glitter is one of my faves, did you see her perform it at the grammy's (or mtv awards?) when she was on those silk ties above the stage - amazing!

Jen said...

Perfect fall pics!
I can fel it. I love the one of Coop in the grass!

sloan said...

hi again, jess - thx for the visit! turns out hubby was staying in charlemont, he said it was so pretty out there ... but the river was raging and super high due to the earlier rain, so there was no fishing :-( ... he said the bowling was pretty fun, though!!

Melanie said...

Thank you for stopping by Southern Comfort in a Northern Life. I didn't have your email addy so I stopped by. I see that you are a southern want to be:) I lived up in Cincinnati for about 8 months and I am glad to be back south. (and in warm weather)