Monday, October 4, 2010

i do

i love weddings…i really do.

and weddings like this…..make you want to get married all over again.

not just because of all the wonderful details…..the beautiful dress….and of course, the beach!

but because of the wonderful moment in time…friends and family….and of course an amazing couple.

Kati is a friend of mine from college….we were on the crew team together, lived next door our junior year….and have kept in touch ever since…..the kind of friend who no matter how long its been or how far apart we live…..our friendship remains the same….and i am SO happy for her.

weddingthe ceremony was set for 4pm…..and it was a gorgeous day…..until about 3:30, when the sky opened up and rained buckets!!! Downpour…we couldn’t believe it!  On our way to the chapel we drove by the beach site…..still drizzling….guests made their way to the beach with umbrellas in hand…..we were an optimistic group!

5 minutes till 4:00….it stopped.

thunder rumbled all around us….and the skies cleared….

luck and love are an amazing combination…we were all in awe.

weddingbride weddinggirls weddingbw weddingidos

the reception was held at the Whalehead Club…it was absolutely stunning!

IMG_7799 IMG_7800

love this idea….guests signed bottles of champagne….each bottle was labeled for an anniversary….1st,5th, 10th and 25th.



the view of the lighthouse from the tent


the bride and groom catching a few minutes


the night was amazing……great food, lots of dancing, a bit of drinking…catching up with life-long friends!





Kim said...

It looks like a beautiful wedding. I LOVE the beachy wedding cake. So pretty.

gabe said...

What a beautiful wedding. . .I like the two different colors for the bridesmaids dresses!

It was so cool that it stopped raining just in time! smile!

Jen said...

Looks like fun! We were at the beach this past weekend and we witnessed from afar 2 beach ceremonies! Glad the weather turned out to be good!
Lovely pics and I love the cake..and the anniversary wine bottle idea!

Pam said...

beautiful! love the blue/green colors!

Jenny said...

My hubby and I got married at the beach, thanks for sharing, reminded me of our special day. And those lighthouse pictures are so amazing, love the black and white.